second delayed post

28 05 2008

feels like yesterday.. uhm.. not exactly yesterday.. yesteryear? (whaat?) no! it feels more like years ago.. 10 years ago to be specified? yes! it was back when we were still in pre-school! hahaa stupid times.. kedo nantoka chiisai shiawase o mitsuketa! ano tokoro de.. i still remember the beautiful saturday morning sky of that time, when we(the students) were playing at the playground, starring at that beautiful sky.. nantoka sono dou youbi no asa no sora o mada oboeteiru yo! ima made, zutto.. datte sono sora wa hontou ni utsukushikatta kara! it was just so peaceful, the kind of sky you can’t find these days.. moshikashite.. daisukina youbi wa dou youbi kai!? hahaa iie! datte..

“nichi youbi wa ichiban sukina youbi desu!”

tte itta deshou! uso ja nakatta yo! sono! kedo.. dou youbi wa isshukan ni saigo no school day kara.. ichiban tanoshikatta youbi desu! ..hontou ni natsukashii! back then there were lots of bad memories! but then again, among those bad memories, i can still find and remember some sweet ones! it wasn’t that much, but.. it’s priceless.. eien ni oboetemasu yo! kitto! thank God! thank God so much! i’m trying to be thankful for everything You have given and been giving me, God! i know You always be there for me, and that You always give the best for me, including the accident that just happened today, at school’s canteen, be honest, God, that was awful! i know it was because my own mistake! i was burnt in too much passion and didn’t watch my step! and there i had it! it wasn’t that painful, i could still laugh back then, but when i looked at it, i was so panicked a cried out loud in front of everyone! i was panicked because i was so afraid that it will leave another scar! i could hold the pain, but i couldn’t hold my sadness knowing that there’ll be another scar on my body! i know, God, this is not the end of the world, but i haven’t succeed on learning how to control myself, so… thank God, i have lots of nice classmates! they were there to help me out and calm me down, i know i was such a pain in the a**, but thank you guys so much for still taking care of me, and for your patient as well, especially my chairmate, thank you so much! and thanks for the beng-beng too!

i gotta study for tomorrow’s exam! paper 6, physics. the teachers and my classmates said that it’s the easiest paper of physics, even though it’s not actually that easy.. blah! if i agree with that statement, i’ve gotta be kidding myself! –; such a person that is full of stupidity! urk..

well.. somehow i just in the mood of writing right now! just like 2 days ago, i had written lots of (nonsense) things and it had almost reached 1000 words, but suddenly i had to turn this notebook off, and the next day in the morning, i just remembered that i hadn’t saved it yet! …just perfect! -__-; oh hey! i just finished my first japanese song translation! hahaa (what am i so proud about?) actually i wanted to translate it into english, but there are many versions of it already, and i found it difficult to do so, so i translated it into bahasa! yay! (who the hell is gonna read it anyway? seriously!) it was easier compared to english translating. the song is Konna ni chikaku de… by Crystal Kay, it was used for the first ending theme for Nodame Cantabile anime. It’s a good song, brings me back to some childhood memories.. hahaa the lyrics are very cliche, but the music rocks! well as for me.. thanks a lot to Ms. Q who introduced me to this song! so sorry i haven’t given you back your DVD..




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